Troy Harding


Death, Taxes, and Sexy Women

Governments exist to do two things: Collect money and spend it.

That includes secret paranormal governments.

Nathan Blackwood—an exiled half-Kitsune—works as an agent of the Paranormal IRS in Valeria City. It’s his job to make sure all the vampires, werewolves, fairies, demons, leprechauns, elves, and anything else that lives under the protection of the Masquerade Stone, pay their taxes on time and with minimum fuss.

And he’s pretty damn good at it. Foxes tend to be quite cunning.

But now, he’s been called on for something quite different.

A major terrorist strike against the Conclave of Realms—the seat of the Masquerade Stone itself—threatens to unravel the protection the Paranormal World relies on and the people who’d normally deal with this sort of thing have been compromised from within.

Now it’s a race, both against time and against a veiled villain calling themselves ‘Lord Mysterious.’ If he wants to win, Nathan will have to pull out every trick he knows, including finally awakening his kitsune heritage — an ordeal that involves cultivation through the stars, intense pain, and forging a harem of beautiful, sexy, and dangerous women.

Luckily for the Paranormal World, one of Lord Mysterious’ henchmen made the fatal error of not registering for taxes when he became a vampire, so it’s time for Nathan to go full Anti-Al Capone.

Because while some people may disrespect the police, no one sane messes with the tax man.



(Warning - Contains Spoilors For Future Releases)

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