Troy Harding

WTF's a Hu-Mon?!

WTFaH Cover

Humanity are the real monsters. Literally.

In which humans are a mythical mon, demons are monster trainers, and Seth Storm is royally pissed off that he’s just been captured by the overpowered grandfather of a peppy demon girl with a dream to be the very best (like no one ever was).

That’s okay, though, because the world outside the death zone his tribe calls home turns out to be rather interesting.

Corrupt governments, gangs, organized crime, terrorists, cults, more gangs, more cults, and the general jaw-dropping reaction to a monster that can speak. It’s enough to make a young human hunter salivate.

He’ll just have to show these ‘monster trainers’ what humanity can really do.



(Warning - Contains Spoilors for Future Releases)

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